Sauna Damage

Sauna Damage

Finnmark has one of the lowest damage rates in the entire sauna industry. On average, we use 30% more packaging material than many of our competitors. Finnmark doesn't control handling or transportation once the sauna leaves our facility. Please watch the video below to learn how your sauna gets delivered and important tips to ensure a successful delivery of your new Finnmark Designs sauna.

It is extremely important that you visually inspect your delivery before the driver leaves your home. If there's damage that is not indicated on your BOL, we can not make a claim with the shipping carrier.
Please have a box cutter available to inspect damage. If the damage is a small hole or scrape please accept the shipment and write "damaged" on your BOL.
NOTE: It's much easier to fix a small scratch or hole by Finnmark sending a replacment panel or having it repaired than it is refusing the shipment and waiting for a new sauna to become available.

Example: Customer refused this shipment due to the overall look of the cardboard boxes. Customer did not cut away the cardboard to vissually inspect for damage. Upon receiving this shipment back to our warehouse we pulled away the cardboard and there was a small scratch that was easily repaired. Always inspect and cut away the cardboard if you see damage. Text photos to: 702-553-0940 for instructions.

Current lead time on a replacment infrared sauna is 14 weeks. Current lead time on replacement panels is 2 weeks.

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