Power Consumption

Power Consumption

Finnmark Design's infared saunas take very little power. We based our calculations on the average cost per kWh in the USA. Some states, like California, may cost more. These calculations were running each model for 1 hour per day, 365 days per year.

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    • Power Tester Instructions

      If Finnmark Designs Customer Service sent you a power tester, there are a couple of areas where we need to test to make sure the electricity is not being interrupted. Please note these down as you check for Customer Service Representative Power ...
    • Power Supply Installation

      If your technician determines that your power supply needs replacement, please follow the video below for a tutorial. Finnmark Designs makes it quick and easy for all your technical support needs.
    • Can I use a Surge Protector or Power Strip?

      Yes and no. No, you can not use an everyday power strip or surge protector as the amperage/wattage is too much for most residential products that are available. You can purchase a 2,000 watt UPS surge conditioner from Finnmark Designs for $799.00. ...
    • Electrical Requirements

      Finnmark Designs infrared saunas require the following power and receptacles.
    • Height Clearance for Sauna

      Your Finnmark Design's sauna was constructed with the power supply in the ceiling. There was many reasons for this engineering, most notable to reduce EMF's within the sauna. You will need at least 6 inches of clearance to connect the wires. We have ...